Verbal Ability

Topics: Integrated circuit, Central processing unit, Computer Pages: 5 (1419 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Section 1 Verbal Ability
No. of Questions: 20
Duration in Minutes: 20
Assessments by Merit Track Directions for Questions 1-3 : Choose the option which will correctly fill the blank. 1) I am writing to enquire _________the possibility of hiring a conference room at the hotel on the 2nd of September. A) Of

B) About
C) Into
D) after
2) _________ having her lunch, she stood - the tree and waited _______ him. A) With, below, for
B) After, under, for
C) Inside, further, to
D) About, across, into
3) The microscopic animals are the primary food for larval cod and their decline has meant that fewer fish are making it to adulthood to be caught_________ trawlermen. A) In
B) Into
C) By
D) With
Directions for Questions 4-6 : Choose the word nearest in meaning to the word in ITALICS from the given options. 4) The jacket is impervious to water.
A) Dirty
B) Pure
C) Impenetrable
D) Favorable
5) Chandan was chagrined with the continuous disruption of the power supply to his home. A) Delighted
B) Creation
C) Peeved
D) Security
6) The latest ordinance issued by the government has provided the bank with two options. A) Decision
B) Law
C) Opinion
D) Verdict
Directions for Questions 7-10: Choose the answer option which will correctly fill the blank. 7)_________ great writer is convinced that whatever he says is not an echo or imitation of what others have said. A) An

B) The
D) No article required
8) ________ Reserve Bank of India directed banks to closely watch _______spending through International Debit Cards. A)A,the
B) The, the
C) The, a
D) -\n, the
9) The officer received _____ official letter from _____ Ministry of IT in _____ Central Government. A) A, the, an
C) An, the, the
B) A, an, the
D) An, an, the
10) You CANNOT send out ______uneducated man into ______ world of technology and expect him to perform. A) An, an
B) A, an
C ) An, the
D) The, an
Directions for Questions 11-15: Read the passage and answer the questions that follow on the basis of the information provided in the passage. Microprocessor is an electronic computer Central Processing Unit (CPU) made from miniaturized transistors and other circuit elements on a single semiconductor Integrated Circuit (IC). Before the advent of microprocessors, electronic CPUs were made from individual small-scale Integrated Circuits containing the equivalent of only a few transistors. By integrating the processor onto one or a very few large-scale Integrated Circuit packages (containing the equivalent of thousands or millions of discrete transistors), the cost of processor power was greatly reduced. The evolution of microprocessors has been known to follow Moore's Law when it comes to steadily increasing performance over the years. This law suggests that the complexity of an Integrated Circuit with respect to minimum component cost will double in about 18 months. From humble beginnings as the drivers for calculators, the continued increase in power has led to the dominance of microprocessors over every other form of computer; every system from the largest mainframes to the smallest handheld computers now uses a microprocessor at their core. .As with many advances in technology, the microprocessor was an idea wbose time had come. Three projects arguably delivered a complete microprocessor at about the same time: Intel's 4004, Texas Instruments' TMS1000, and Garrett AiResearch's Central Air Data Computer. . A computer-on-a-chip is a variation of a microprocessor, which combines the microprocessor core (CPU), some memory, and I/O (input/output) lines, all on one chip. The proper meaning of microcomputer is a computer using a (number of) microprocessor(s) as its CPU(s), while the concept of the patent is somewhat more similar to a micro controller. 11) Which of the following descriptions would NOT fit a microprocessor? A) Electronic computer

B) Central Processing Unit
C) Memory disk
D) A single integrated chip circuit.
12) Select the TRUE statement...
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