venus de milo

Topics: Aphrodite, Ancient Greece, Venus Pages: 4 (521 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Alyssa Marchozzi
Mary Brown
October 23, 2014
Art History A
Venus de Milo
Throughout history, we have discovered many amazing art pieces that have changed the world. One that stands out among them is the sculpture Venus de Milo which is known to be Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. It is believed to be created by Alexander of Antioch during the Hellenistic Greek time period from 150-125 BCE.

Prior to its discovery it is known to have had arms with the left one holding an apple above eye level, while the right arm is believed to have been draped along the torso with the hand resting on the left knee that sticks out slightly. At first, some did not believe the left arm, which was found with the sculpture but clearly not attached, was not in fact part of the sculpture. It seemed to have a rougher appearance than the rest of the graceful and beautifully crafted sculptor, but is now lost forever. The sculptor is graceful with the classic S-shape known as contrapposto with the uneven distribution of weight among the body. While viewing the piece, you get the sense of realism because of its relaxed appearance and human body language. In the piece, naturalism is used in the body with the soft squishy appeal of the skin as if you could touch it and it would be real. The sculptor also has the correct proportions of the body time and the detail of the drapery. Antioch used Parian marble to construct the figure and create the smooth finish. It was found in two separate pieces, one being the torso and above and the other being the legs.

Venus de Milo is meant to be seen at all angles because she is a complete rendition of Aphrodite, making her a sculptor that can be circled in the Lourve Museum in Paris where she has stayed since her discovery.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty and essentially the goddess of sex. It is shocking to see the depiction of such a goddess in a vulnerable and modest way. The drapery is almost ready to...
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