Visual Analysis Assignment Hope Athena

Topics: Athena, Greek mythology, 5th century BC Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Visual Analysis Assignment: The Hope Athena
For my visual analysis assignment I chose to go visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It has been an extremely long time since I last visited a museum. I took my twelve year old son with me to explore what the museum had to offer. We found the art to be very interesting, educational and unique. There were so many beautiful pieces throughout the museum that it was difficult trying to decide which one I wanted to base my visual analysis on.

Walking through LACMA there was a section that caught my eye and found it to be of interest to me. That section was the Greek, Roman, and Etruscan Art which was located on the Ahmanson Building, Level 3. There were various unique pieces such as vases, jewelry and sculptures. I chose the sculpture of Hope Athena to do my visual analysis because I found it to be beautiful. Athena was a Greek goddess of wisdom and war. The sculpture at LACMA is a Roman, 2nd century copy after a Greek original of the late 5th century BC School of Pheidias. The sculpture was made out of marble with neutral colors. In parts the color was dull with hues of ivory and golden brown. The shape of the body was rectangular with broad shoulders. The sculpture had her arms missing. Her head was round with hair coming down in vertical waves. She was wearing a warrior helmet from my view point I could not tell what the helmet had on it. The helmet gave her a powerful look. Her facial expression seemed reflective with facial features being symmetrical and smooth. The eye sockets were hollow and dark. Her nose was chipped and her upper and lower lips were thin. One of the focal points for me was how her robe or drapery had such detail throughout the sculpture. It wrapped around her body with great detail with vertical creases and folds giving the sculpture a realistic look. The vertical lines toward the bottom of robe had great detail and were distributed equally and her feet and...
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