Ventures Business Plan

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Ventures, a nonalcohol nightclub, will cater to the 15- to 20-year-old age group. Ventures will be 7,000-8,000 square feet, accommodating around 650-700 people. INTRODUCTION
During the past ten years, a new concept has been blazing the trails. Nonalcohol nightclubs have been popping up throughout the United States, as well as in other parts of the world. The majority of these nightclubs cater to teenagers by giving them a high-energy place where they can socialize and dance to the hottest Top 40 hits. In some locations, these clubs constitute the only entertainment for this age group. Ventures, a nonalcohol nightclub, will cater to the 15- to 20-year-old age group in Bates County and these surrounding counties: Cass, Johnson, Henry, Hickory, St. Clair, and Vernon. Ventures will be the only nightclub catering to this age group in the Bates area. Ventures' goal is to furnish new answers to this age group's complaints of "nothing to do and nowhere to go." Instead of serving alcohol, Ventures will boast a menu of sodas, shakes, and several speciality drinks consisting of a variety of fruit juices and syrups. ORGANIZATIONAL FORM

Ventures will be a family-owned business organized as a limited liability company. The principal owners will be David and Mary Jensen. Mary Jensen will be the decisionmaking partner while David Jensen will be a silent partner. The ownership split will be 60 percent for Mary Jensen and 40 percent for David Jensen. This organization will provide the owners the liability protections of a corporation and the flexibility and tax advantages of a partnership entity. MARKETING

Target Market
Ventures' target market consists of individuals between the ages of 15-20 who listen to Top 40 radio stations and live within an hour's drive from Rockville, Missouri. According to recent research, this age group has the "time, money, and a steady desire to be entertained." Ventures' market consists of over 120,000 individuals in seven counties:

Bates County
Cass County
Henry County
Hickory County
Johnson County
St. Clair County
Vernon County
Market Profile
Ventures' target market consists largely of high school teens and recent grads who listen to radio stations that play Top 40s tunes. Most of Ventures' target market will possess a driver's license. These kids tend to spend the majority of their money on clothing, food, and entertainment. Their primary entertainment options include going to the movies, buying CDs, and going on dates. Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) surveyed a sample of teens and found that 28 percent of the teens go out either with friends or on a date at least once a week. Since this age group has a need for entertainment, Ventures will provide a place where they can bring their dates, dance to the hottest music, watch the latest videos, and hang out with their friends. The majority of these teens tend to listen to Top 40s music. According to the Aribtron Company, most of the people in the 12-24 age group in the St. Louis metropolitan area listen to either straight rhythm and blues or a mixture of Top 40s hits. To draw the most customers, Ventures will cater to Z107.7 listeners because the radio station plays a variety of Top 40s music, including rhythm and blues, pop, alternative, and rap. By playing these types of music, Ventures will appeal to a wider audience by allowing its customers to dance to various types of music without isolating any one particular type. Pricing and Advertising

Teenage spending has steadily increased since 1953 and it will continue every year. Gale Research, Inc. has determined that teens average about $40.00 of disposable income a week. Out of this amount, teens spend about 15 percent, or $6.00, for entertainment and about 8 percent, or $3.20, on fast food. Based on...
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