Veggie Meat

Topics: Meat, Veganism, Vegetarianism Pages: 4 (1034 words) Published: February 6, 2014

Celine Joy E. Mandigma
Mrs. Rosana Alarilla
Chapter I

Introduction and its Background
The Sayote fruit is an edible plant that belongs to the gourd family of Cucurbitacae. It contains almost all the necessary elements for a balanced diet. It is a valuable source of vitamin C, phosphorous, zinc and niacin. It is easily digested and gives quick energy.

Nowadays, vegetables can be used as a subsitute for meat. There are various vegetables used as meat for the health conscious people or the vegetarians. This can be called as vegetable meat or veggie meat. Veggie meat contains a lot of nutrients that gives a healthy body. While the red meat we get less nutrients and it causes also a lot of diseases. Veggie meat has a good quality. It is also easy to make with cheaper ingredients. This fact encouraged the researcher to find out if the Sayote could be utilized as veggie meat.

Statement of the Problem
This study aimed to find out the feasibility of the chayote as veggie meat. This study also aimed to answer the following question. 1.) Is there a significant difference between the Sayote veggie meat and to other kinds of veggie meat? 2.) What are the characteristics of Sayote that makes a veggie meat?

Null Hypothesis
1.) Veggie meat would not taste like the red meat.
Operational Hypothesis
1.) To compare the taste of chayote veggie meat to other kinds of veggie meat and see the diference.

Significance of the Study
It is good to be a vegetarian, veggie meat is healthier compare to the red meat because red meat can cause many health problems. Another thing is Sayote is a low cost diet.

Thus, this study is conducted to utilize Sayote as a source of necessary nutrients for human by eating a veggie meat.

Scope and Delimitation

Definition of Terms
Phosphorous – an organic element or mineral necessary.
Sayote – roughly pear-shaped, somewhat flattened and with coarse wrinkles, ranging from 10 to 20 cm...
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