Vanish Case Study

Topics: Laundry detergent, Stain, Soap Pages: 4 (600 words) Published: March 19, 2011

Product – A Stain Remover3
Target market3
Issues Faced4
Category Comparison5
Detergent Product5
Positioning Map6
Surf Excel6
Value proposition of Vanish v/s Competition7
Short Term Approach:9
Long Term Approach:10

Product – A Stain Remover

Vanish, a product of Reckitt Benckiser, is a global leader in the fabric stain removal product category. It is basically a detergent additive. The product is facing tough competition with the ordinary detergents which claim that they are also stain removals and cheaper in cost. Vanish needs to position itself away from the usual detergents and needs to showcase points of differentiation as they are charging more. [pic]

Target market

• Women of all ages with mid to higher family income
• Laundry companies (operating in department stores, in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, working for sports clubs, etc)

Issues Faced


Category Comparison


Detergent Product


Compact or Premium
• Surf Excel, Henko, Ariel (Surf Excel + Ariel ~ 90%) • Rs. 75 per kg
• Henko White, Rin, Tide, Sunlight
• Rs. 35-50 per kg.
• Nirma, Wheel, Ghadi, Check
• Rs. 18-22 per kg.

Positioning Map


Since, Vanish is competing on Stain Removal, Rin and Tide would not be the direct competitors. Ariel and Surf Excel capture 90% of the market share of detergents competing on stain removal. So, we can fairly assume that these two would be the competing with the value proposition.

Surf Excel

• ‘Surf’ launched in 1959: first in Indian detergent market • Surf Excel launched in 1992
• Complete migration from Surf to Surf Excel Blue in 2004 • Premium Segment: Market Leader
• Positioned as very effective with any kind of stain: ‘Surf Excel Hai Na’ • Less efforts in cleaning and lower water consumption • Focus on building brand...
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