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Topics: Talk radio, Interpersonal relationship, Education Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: November 29, 2014
Portfolio of Bristish and American culture

Class: ANH 212DE01-0400
Name of student: Nguyễn Phương Thy
ID student: 2131816

Case 1
John and Ji are student , but they come from different country which have different culture. Why are John and Ji having difficulties talking to each other? Is Ji interested in talking to John? There is a lot of silence in the conversation. Do each person feels when there is silence? What could John do differently so that Ji would talk more? What could Ji do differently? When does John Jit to end the conversation? When john says: “ talk to you later”. Is john really planning to talk to Ji later? What does this phrase mean? I’ll explain it in order to understand clearly about the conversation. John and Ji are having difficulties talking to each other because they come from differing culture. Therefore, they have difference in conversation , and they don’t understand each other. Moreover , the American is friendly, talkative, but the Asian is introvert, pushy, not confident when they talk with stranger. I don’t think Ji is interested in talking to John because the Asian don’t want to be asked too much. In Asian, they don’t ask what people do. It’s impolite in Asian country. I think that each person feels embarrassed when there is a silence because they don’t understand what other thinks and what they will talk next. I think John should talk slowly and have some suggestion for Ji in order that Ji talk more. Besides, John shouldn’t interrupt Ji in order to create comfortableness for Ji. On the other hand, Ji should become open and outgoing. Besides, Ji should talk more and have some question to John in order to show John that Ji is friendly. John says “ talk to you later” to end the conversation. I think John isn’t planning to talk to Ji later because he feels boring when he talks to Ji. He can’t feel Ji’s goodwill. Furthermore, they don’t have the same point because they have different culture In conclusion ,...
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