Value of Technical Publication in the Business Intelligence Industry

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TWB is India’s leader in technical communication outsourcing and education. TWB offers a complete suite of services that allows our customers to effectively publish their technical knowledge with their people and processes. TWB’s customers range from Global 500 – including Cisco, Accenture, McAfee, LG, Samsung, Citrix, SAP, Siemens, AOL, Intel; Indian technology majors – including Infosys, Wipro; Global defense majors - Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, DRDO, HAL; and exciting technology startups. TWB's expertise in technical communication ranges from IT Products and Outsourcing, ITES, Banking, Financial, Aerospace, Defense, Ship Building to Hi-tech Manufacturing, and Discrete and Process Manufacturing.

TWB’s services include:

Our technical proficiency in software and authoring tools includes:

TWB services a wide range of technology and knowledge driven industries, helping them meet their markets better, these include:

TWB has been the preferred technical documentation outsourcing company for:



Position Paper on

Value of Technical Publication in
the Business Intelligence Industry

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Some of the greatest documentation challenges most companies in the industry face today include: ■ Timely availability of quality documents during product release ■ Accurate, readily understandable documentation

■ Documentation for global audience
■ Cost cutting in a multi-vendor business environment
■ Managing large volumes of documentation for new product releases

■ Price Competitive Growth in the BI Industry: Growth of BI vendor relies heavily on the accurate, timely, and cost-effective documentation process. The BI vendors portray a global presence and need technical publications that can be used in different geographies. Marketing BI products require supportive business collaterals and product documentation for global audience. ■ Value of Technical Publications: Technical Publications are very essential for transferring product knowledge to the end users. Provisioning of proper material to use the technology and products enables the user to accept and efficiently use the product. Faulty assumptions about documentation lead to inaccurate and hard-to-understand material. This also decreases the chances of marketing the products in the global markets. ■ Role of Documentation Outsourcing: The complexity involved in implementing BI applications requires that BI vendors consider outsourcing the documentation needs to well-established Technical Publications Solutions providers. This helps the companies cut costs and at the same time deliver their products with quality documents.

Gartner predicts:
"Because of lack of information, processes, and tools, through 2012, more than 35 percent of the top 5,000 global companies will regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets." "By 2012, business units will control at least 40 per cent of the total budget for business intelligence." "By 2012, one-third of analytic applications applied to business processes will be delivered through coarse-grained application mashups."

■ SCORM 1.2 / 2004
■ W3C
■ Section 508

“Knowledge is people, money, learning, flexibility and competitive advantage. Knowledge is more relevant to sustained business than capital or labor. And yet knowledge remains the most neglected asset of a business. TWB helps you unlock and share your technical knowledge with the world.” ■

Besides transferring knowledge, technical publications are also used for marketing a product. Before a product is released in the market, information about the product needs to be effectively communicated to the customers.

Well-designed, accurately presented, and attractive marketing collaterals increase the market prospects of a product and reduce support...
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