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April 29, 2014
VALS Survey
After completing the VALS assessment, I’ve learned the primary VALS segment that I match is “Achiever”, which embodies my desire for achievement. This means I have a goal-oriented regime and profound commitment to my career and family. According to Strategic Business Insights, achievers are structured around family, their place of worship, and work and their social lives imitate this focus. Additionally, this dimension seeks predictability, and stability over risk, intimacy, and self-discovery.

I could not agree with this more. There is nothing most significant to me than developing a strong work ethic to help achieve my goals in a classroom or a soccer field while also applying it in my everyday life. I strongly believe that all my hard work will soon pay off in a form of a college degree, high paying job, or even becoming a professional soccer player and there isn’t anything that can stop me from achieving those goal if I do my best and stay focus. First off, I became the first member from my family to attend college while getting the chance to play soccer. When I graduated from high school, I realize I wanted a better life for my family since my parents came to the U.S. from an extremely poor part of Mexico and my life transformation would begin by attending college. Being successful in college became a huge responsibility because I made a huge commitment to my parents. I did my best to manage going to all my classes, play soccer and still somehow found energy to work on the weekends. I remember having to train extra after soccer practice and doing all my homework in the bus rides to our soccer games while still finishing my sophomore year with a 3.5 GPA. In my last year in Spartanburg Methodist College, I was able to graduate with an associate degree in business and manage to have a successful soccer year by receiving an All-American honor and getting a scholarship to Coastal Carolina.

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