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Taylor Borden
Professor C
10 April 2013
Serial Killers
Thesis Statement:
Serial killers have shown many different motives, methods, and psychological issues that have been studied tirelessly by researchers. Studies have shown a long history between serial killers and child abuse. The traumatic events experienced by a child have shown to be a leading cause of them committing these heinous murders. The abuse came in different forms such as physical harm, mental anguish, and sexual deviant behavior. There has been direct links between these childhood events and their serial killing crime sprees.
Definition Statement:
.“2005 journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, Volume 20, Number 1.” The Incidence of Child Abuse in Serial Killers 2005 Many people may ask how a human being can take part in such heinous crimes. In Ressler’s research he has said that “100 percent of serial killers were abused as children.” He also reported that “Well over 40 percent of the murderers that were reported being beaten and abused in their childhood. More than 70 percent said they had witnessed or been part of sexually stressful events when young.” In my own opinion, I do feel as is if child abuse is a huge factor when it comes to serial killers and their victims.
"Nurturing A Serial Killer." Untitled Document. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Dec. 2012. .
Individuals who turn violent as adults have more than likely suffered from child abuse. According to Blair Sadler, the children whom have suffered from child abuse, whether it is mentally or physically are more likely to be arrested for violent crimes than the average person. A child whom is also being neglected by mother will tend to do badly in school and outside of school which would result in drug abuse and many other problems faced as a teenager.
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Children who participate in animal cruelty seem to be common factors in the

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