Utopia and Dystopia

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Brave New World, George Orwell Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Running away from the dark woods at a silent night, the man finally finds the paths. These two paths are separated by an old massive tree. Through the dim light from moon, the sign of the right side says “Brave new world, King—Aldous Huxley”. Turning to the left side, the men reads the sign “Utopia, King—Thomas More”. Thinking and wondering around the road, the men still can’t figure it out which road is better to choose. Suddenly, a wizard popped out. Switching the magic wand, the wizard said “Don’t be anxious, young men. I’ll give you two chances. If you regret what you choose now, then just yelled to the sky, and I’ll show up and save you.” The man nods his head. Next second, he just disappears in the air. The man has a chance to regret while we don’t. Many people are interested in Utopia. These followings are the characteristic of Utopia.

In Utopia, there reflect many harmonious of the society in every aspect. The first one is their home. There are fifty five cities in Utopia. They build the city in the same way. They also have the same languages, laws and traditions. And the people who live in Utopia crazily like gardens. There must be a garden outside the house. The second one is that they own the property commonly. There is no poor in this city. If people need to buy something in the market, then all is free. They have a harmony order of society. When it comes to the war, the people who live in Utopia hate wars. Even that they are forced to attend the war, they won’t hurt the innocent. If they reach a compromise with the enemy, they will never betray the contrast between each other.

As to the religion part, there are so many kinds of religions accepted by Utopian. Some people worship to the god of sun. Other people worship to the god of moon. And still other people worship to their ancestry. In spite of the fact that they have so many different kinds of religions, they still believe in one same god. Another part is the working time. Utopian spend...
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