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The Perfect World. My Utopia

Topics: Government, Sovereign state / Pages: 2 (288 words) / Published: Mar 24th, 2011
My own view of a utopian society is fairly simple, a place in which there is no pain, no crime, no anger, no corruption, where there is no need for "justice", a place where murders would never take place. The government would be a public government, in which all citizens would take actions they make would be fair not ingnerent like our govement. Women and men would have equal writes and shar opinons. If a war would start in my utopian nations and friends and answer 'stop this is a place of love'.But in society today this would never happen. than society would answer the call to war and fight to protect their homes. Also i would try protecting my nation, governments, to help protect/uphold laws and to rebuild the economy. Every person would be perfect have a home, good education and health, and grow up in the safety of a caring family. In nature they would be no killing, food would be grown and not effecct the food chain and we would eat speacly bread animals.
A utopian society would never need anger and rage or jealousy because all the societys will be equal and be shown how to love and care. I would not have computers and machens of this kind because i dont wont the societys to loose the creative mindes. No body would work but be set taskes to help there friends and the society. They would be perfection and if someone did somthing wrong people would help in a friendly way.
At the end of the year we would have a festival, sing and dance to express our feelings and we would live in a happy world.

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