The Giver Journal Entries

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The Giver Journal Entries
1st Journal Entry: 1) Describe your idea of a perfect world. include all important information. My idea of a perfect place would be perfect in my mind. You would have endless money and do mostly whatever you want. The government would not be generally strict but it would be very law-enforcing. Although the laws would not be very strict the laws would be very serious. Some of them would be like no killing and no smoking and other things that are problems in our regular world today. Another thing would be no global warming and that is good for everybody and the animals. That would help the ice glaciers in the Arctic and would help the polar bears. Your families would be a family that you never fight with and you would have as many siblings up to three children. Your children would get a top of the line education with the best teachers ever. A good thing for kids at school will be their one hour free period. The climate in a perfect world be a mild temperature year round. Everybody who lives in the world will be a Christian. They will believe in God and will do what is right most of the time. The time that you wouldn't be doing something right would be during a competition or when you are really ticked. Food and shopping would be same old same old as it is here with all your Wal-marts and Targets and Bi-Lo's. Although the food would be different. It would be mostly junk, candy, hot dogs, burgers, and pizza but there would also be some other good foods.

2nd Journal Entry: 2) Describe a time when you were scared, what happened? A time when I was scared was when I was on a haunted hayride and people were popping out at you. Although you kind of knew it was coming they made it so that they almost tricked you. They made seem like it was going to happen on one side but then it pops out on the other side of the trailer. IT was pretty scary. They did the same thing the whole ride except with different people from different horror movies like...
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