Utilizing Observation in Early Childhood Education

Topics: Observation, Assessment, Communication Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Marcy Laber

CSV Competency Statement V

I am not only held accountable to myself but to my colleagues, children and their parents. I provide the parent with a true authentic look at their child when I collect formal assessments, informal observations and portfolio samples. It allows me the opportunity to give better individualized instruction, create groups and have discussions with parents. It is second nature for me to support my colleagues and work as a member of a team. Effective communications with my colleagues, adhering to program regulations, maintaining confidentiality and records guarantees my program runs smoothly.

CS V a

In my program I take samples of their writing (name), and coloring pages once a quarter. I can also be seen taking photos of the child within the program working on and mastering skills. These are shared during the year as well as parent teacher conferences. Along with an assessment at the beginning, middle and end of the year as to what letters and numbers they can recognize. My observations and assessments take place at different times of a day, different rooms, individual and group play. I use the observation form to help me draw conclusions about children’s development and monitor their progress. This form also allows me evaluate my teaching practices and modify my curriculum so that it is interesting and appropriate for each child. By doing the observations and assessments it can be brought to my attention when a child or children need additional small group activities to master certain skills such as name writing, letter or number recognition. I am able to arrange the environment to respond to a child’s needs and create groups within my program. The information obtained through my careful observations is very valuable to communicate with families and gives them a better understanding of what the child does in my program. I ensure that I am objectively observing and tracking each child by using precise...
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