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Topics: Autism, Brain, Mutation Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: January 29, 2014
Adam. (2011). Autism Spectrum Disorder and Oral Health. Retrieved 03, 2011 Autism is considered the most heritable of neurodevelopmental disorders, mainly because of the large difference in concordance rates between monozygotic and dizygotic twins. For my essay this article will relate on how mutation and genetics lead to autism.

Bower, B. (2010). Scientists find early signs of autism. Science News, 177(8), 9. Accurate identification of infants likely to develop autism spectrum disorder by age 3 is important because studies indicate that intensive interventions with youngsters who display early warning signs, and with their parents, often yield marked behavioral improvements. Interventions focus on teaching kids basic interaction and communication skills. With my essay this artcle will relate on different treatments of autism.

Coghlan, A. (2012). Autism diagnosis. New Scientist, 214(2871), 5. A new test for diagnosing autism identifies the "first neuro-physiological phenotype" of the condition by looking at patterns of electrical activity in the brain patterns of electrical brain activity could provide a new test for diagnosing classical autism. The information from this article relates on how autism is diagnosed.

Couzin-Frankel, J. (2010). Genetic Map of Autism Comes Into Focus. Science Now, 1. The genetic aspects of autism spectrum disorder. It was found that only about five percent of children with autism had at least one "de novo" copy-number variant that had appeared in the egg or sperm forming the embryo or in the fertilized egg. The findings also reveal that copy-number variants inherited from parents were more common in the autistic cohort than in controls. This information will relate to how genetics and mutation lead to autism.

HOOD, B. M. (2011). Knowing Me, Knowing You. Scientific American, 22(1), 16. Autism is a developmental...
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