Autism - How Autism Affects the Family ?

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How Autism Affects the Family

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There are many struggles a family with a child that has been diagnosed with autism has to go through these struggles can affect the whole family in many different ways. One of the ways an autistic child can affect the family is financially there are many payments that have to be taken care of mainly medical bills. This is a big issue now with our recession that’s happening all over the world. Another big issue these families have to face is psychological this is a big issue because of all the stress these families encounter everyday trying to pay bills, worrying if their child is doing ok at school, and also some sibling might get jealous that their parent are not spending as much time with them as they do with the autistic child. Finally another issue families encounter is a socially issue many times families with an autistic child do not get invited to social events. Many children that have been diagnosed with autism have had a dramatic trauma in their life that may have caused it this affects the parents because “parents have to stay vigilant because the crisis may never end. The constant and evolving struggles of the family with sleep problems, unusual behaviors, and communication can trigger the characteristic symptoms of PTSD. This reaction to trauma includes fear, hopelessness, and horror. There is also persistent reexperiencing of the traumatic event, be it the diagnosis or the emotions evoked by a particular crisis (Miller & Sammons, 1999).” “Raising an autistic child is challenging and can be exhausting without support. As the main role in bringing up children usually falls to the mother, they may experience additional emotional stress. This can impact on not only relationships between parents (Evans, 2006).” Autism can affect a family socially “When a family has a child with autism one of the first things parents may notice is that invitations for social gatherings stop coming. Friends...

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