Use of Database Management Systems to Meet Business Needs.

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Use of database management systems to meet business needs.

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Course Title: Strategic Planning for Database Systems
Globalization and increased speed in business intensify competition, and most firms need to continuously innovate to ensure long term competitiveness. (Bjork and Magnusson, 2009) In the last couple of years business has seen huge transformations from the way it is conducted. Any small business may eventually grow into a bigger one or may even develop into a huge company or corporation in the future. However, these foreseen growth and development will not just happen in a mouse click or a wink of an eye. This process needs hard work and proper management to flourish each day. For successful business productivity a good management database system is important. Owning and managing database system is a crucial in any business or organization is a very valuable factor in achieving goals for lifelong success. More specifically, database management systems now form the core of almost all enterprise logic and business intelligence solutions. There is a wide choice of management systems available today to cater to the growing business needs from store bought systems to custom built for the company’s requirements. Enterprise DBMSs are designed primarily for use with corporations, governments and any other function that would require the database to handle large amounts of data coming in and out. One important thing to see before purchasing an Enterprise DBMS’s is the scalability of the systems, which simply means how well the database handles multiple simultaneous transactions (the handling of data). For example, a high scalability would mean that the database can handle everything from a few transactions an hour to thousands of transactions or more happening at the same time. Choosing Database Management System for the company

Database management systems in every company or organization are usually...

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