Topics: Scientific method, Birds of New Zealand, Bias Pages: 4 (1517 words) Published: September 20, 2014
1)Poisoning Paradise- Ecocide in New Zealand
The documentary “Poisoning Paradise- Ecocide in New Zealand” was produced by ‘the Graf Boys’ to inform New Zealand’s general public of the negative aspects and dangers of the use of 1080. Brothers Steve and Clyde Graf are attempting to display that 1080 use is bad and the reasons as to why they were “concerned at the ever increasing use of 1080”. The Graf brothers grew up around Te Urewera National Park, exposed to an outdoor lifestyle and hunting from a young age. Since, they have been creating a series of hunting and outdoor documentaries. As a result of their great hunting interest and background, the Graf brothers may be biased towards their views on 1080 use as it kills potential game, including deer and possum. The purpose of the information is therefore to convince the audience that 1080 is bad, and to showcase negative consequences of 1080. This personal agenda of the Graf boys is presented to the public using examples of people with animals affected by 1080 as well as a variety of scientist’s and other farmer’s opinions. All of these sources hold similar views on 1080 use and reinforce a negative stance on the poison. Specialist in the design and evaluation of scientific research, Dr. Quinn Whiting-O’Keefe presents the most important piece of biological information in the documentary which was originally found from a study in 2009. He stated that, “New Zealand drops into its forests about 4000kg of pure 1080 per year, enough to kill 20 million people on a per acre basis. This is 350 times more [1080] than Australia and 22000 times the rest of the world.” The fact that this exhibits that 1080 is capable of killing this amount of people on its own results in the rethinking over the use of 1080 humans, because of our basic survival instincts. Furthermore, because of Dr. Q Whiting-O’Keefe being qualified in analysing information his results can be found valid and...
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