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A.  What reasons do your authors give to explain the historical inaccuracies in the films?  Give an example from one of the articles. Many historical films contain inaccuracies or fillers to catch the audience’s attention and make it more interesting to watch. Some films about the past, like Chicago, were inspired by an era and/or events that have occurred at that time, but off skew for entertainment purposes. Right at the beginning of the article the author writes “Chicago is a musical. It does not claim to be history.” Yes, Chicago does stem from and was inspired by the trials of Belva Gaertner and Beulah Annan; however the film is crime comedy and not Documentary.  B.  In your view, do the historical inaccuracies harm or help our understanding of past events and historical figures?  Explain. I believe the inaccuracies of Chicago somewhat help our understanding of past events and historical figures. Like mentioned before, Chicago is not a documentary, but as the author writes “…the story illuminate important aspects of the roaring twenties.” Sometimes it takes an energetic and comedic approach on a historical event or events to spark ones interest. The interest could then lead to questions like “could this have really happened?”, “did they really dress like that?”, and possible many others. If one is motivated, those questions could lead to research and self-education.  C.  In your view, do the historical inaccuracies harm or help our understanding of the present (people or groups)?  That is to say, do directors use historical events and people to make a point about America and Americans today?  Explain. In my view, sometimes historical inaccuracies can harm our understanding of the present.  Our nation and the world of today were formed by many events of the past. Any miss direction or inaccurate information in regards to historical events or figures can give one a false understanding to what influenced our evolution to become a nation. However, in regards...
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