How Accurate Was the New World

Topics: Pocahontas, Jamestown, Virginia, John Rolfe Pages: 4 (1434 words) Published: November 12, 2011
how historically accurate is the new world
1.) How historically accurate was the movie you watched? How do you know? Did any inaccuracies affect your perception of history? The new world was accurate for the most part, but there were few inaccuracies that occurred during the movie. For one, it is not historically proven that the relationship between Pocahontas and John Smith was a romance relationship, as portrayed in the movie. In The New World, Smith leaves Jamestown because of orders from the king, when in reality it has been proven he left Jamestown in 1609 because of a wounded knee when his powder horn exploded. In the movie Pocahontas is shown being given over to the settlers, this is inaccurate because Pocahontas was kidnapped from her people and brought to Jamestown by captain Argyll. Yet another inaccuracy was when the English landed they are shown being watched by the Indians and left alone to explore the land, but really, the English were attacked by the Algonquin’s, who had lived there, and were not welcoming to new settlers. In the first few minutes of the movie John Smith is shown exploring the region, but according to history he was chained thought the voyage and spend another month after his arrival in Jamestown in handcuffs, and explored the regions after his handcuffs had been taken off. Windfield, one of the settlers in Jamestown is shown being shot by the settlers, when the truth is that he lived until 1630, and is credited with writing several books on the Jamestown settlement. John Smith is shown with tattoos on his shoulder and chest, this is inaccurate, because the practice died out in Europe before they came to Jamestown, and only way this could have been accurate if he got one from the Indians, but no such thing was shown. One the biggest blunders in the movie was the fact the Pocahontas and her people were not as clothed as shown in the movie, during that time most Indians wore very little to no clothing. There is not historical...
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