Ursula Burns Case Study

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In my opinion, Ursula is definitely a mixture of both a charismatic and transformational leader. She is encouraging her employees to do their best. She also seems to have a very charismatic aura about her that is making her very well known.

Ursula definitely embodies all of the behavioral components. She is an advocate for her employees. She wants them to do the best that they can and always strive for more. In doing so, she completely embodies all of those behavioral components.

Yes, I do believe that Ursula Burns fits the bill of servant leadership. Coming from a background of having a single mom who did everything in her power to make her children’s lives better, Ursula was definitely in a different position than many people who are put into a position such as hers. She had the opportunity to do for others what her mother had done for her.

Again, I believe that all of the qualities definitely embody Ursula. She definitely had a vision for the company. She wants the company to be better than it ever has been before and for her employees to be the best that they could be. Her communication skills are definitely superb, because by her outspokenness and her ability to communicate she quickly made her way up the chain of employment at Xerox. She also had moral conviction and self-confidence, as she was never afraid to be herself and say what she thought. Being as confident, she had the ability to inspire trust in others.

Ursula Burns definitely pulls her personal meaning from the way that she grew up and the respect that she has for her mother. Her mother was the inspiration for her to make something great of herself. Her mother was a single mother who did anything and everything in her power to better her children’s lives. She worked multiple jobs in order to be able to send her daughter to college and a great high school. She worked as hard as she could, and Ursula modeled herself after her mother’s magnificent work ethic.

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