Urban Planning

Topics: Poverty, Economics, Working class Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: May 6, 2013
In the past, there were not that much buildings in cities due to economic reasons. In time, in some places where economy develops the number of buildings such as business and shelter buildings increased and these cities have been called “megacities”. People who live far from megacities assumed that living standards and opportunities are better in megacities. Due to the fact that migrations to megacities have started and in time, megacities become crowded day by day. Therefore, megacities are disadvantageous for people because they are crowded and expensive to live. Inıtıally, because of migration from areas which have low economy megacities are overcrowded and the fact is a big disadvantageous for people. First, in megacities the number of private cars is increasing each day and most of car owners are workers. Most of the workers tend use their own cars in order to go their jobs. Therefore, especially during rush hours there occurs a terrible traffic on roads. Due to the fact that city dwellers are disturbed and the fact makes dwellers fed up with their cities. Secondly, megacities have many people from each economic class. People who are poor and extremely rich both have to live close. Because of the fact that poor people who see rich people and want to be that much rich might tend to do burglary or theft. Therefore, megacities have disadvantages in terms of security problems. In short, overcrowd is a big problem in megacities. Besides it is overcrowded, expensive living standards also make megacities insufferable. First, as is mentioned earlier in the first paragraph, megacities have lots of immigrants who came to these cities in order to find a job. However, job opportunities could not be enough to all people so there have been many unemployment and the fact becomes more and more disadvantageous for people. Secondly, because of expensive living standards, many people who cannot get educate and cannot have enough financial support live in slums. Because of...
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