Urban Growth and Decline

Topics: City, Urban sprawl, Urban decay Pages: 5 (1449 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Year 10 Geography Research Task
Issues in Australian Environments


1. Introduction
* State the issue that you are investigating.
* Locate the issue on a map – use a title, scale, direction and key. * Identify the scale at which the issue is relevant.
2. Geographical Processes/Causes
* Outline the geographical processes and causes involved in this issue and explain how they operate. 3. Interest Groups and Perspectives
* Identify key interest groups involved in this issue and outline their contrasting perspectives/points of view. 4. Consequences
* Outline your view about this issue.
* Design one strategy that addresses this issue – Newspaper Article. 5. Bibliography


The geographical issue I have chosen, that is present in Australian Environments is Urban Growth and Decline. The occurrence of Urban Growth in the Pyrmont-Ultimo region of Sydney has become well known due to the significant increase in population and the restoration of houses, buildings and other structures. This matter of Urban Growth is relevant to Australia on both a local and regional scale because it contributes to Sydney's total population. If the population of the Pyrmont-Ultimo region was to rapidly decline, it would be crucial to increase and maintain the population as it reflects onto other areas around it and Sydney as a whole, therefore affecting tourism, employment, socioeconomic status, infrastructure, education and lifestyle in these regions in a negative manner. This areas Urban Growth rate insures that the economy of the region remains intact. If this city’s population was to dramatically deteriorate the socioeconomic status would decline and the unemployment rate would rise considerably, causing the climatic and environmental condition to worsen. For Urban Growth to obtain more beneficial impacts, people in areas of rising populations need to be aware of the effects of these conditions. Stress being placed on the ecosystem and natural environment of an area can result in inadequate infrastructure and community services, traffic congestion, deteriorating air quality, high prices of homes and buildings and the excess accumulation of waste. In the past fifteen years the population of Pyrmont-Ultimo has dramatically increased due to the redevelopment of the site. The renewal project has been completed and the once industrial heartland of the city has been transformed throughout time to become an area of business, commercial and residential life to accommodate to the needs of the changing and increasing population in today’s society.

Geographical Processes/Causes

There are many processes involved in this geographical issue with significant contribution to as how an area’s population either increases or declines. In areas of Urban Growth the following processes may occur: * Urbanisation – To cause the migration of an increasing proportion of rural people into cities. * Urban Sprawl – Continuous, unplanned, outward growth of a city with low density residential areas. * Urban Consolidation – Making use of existing resources and encouraging residential development to prevent urban sprawl. * Gentrification - To improve a neighbourhood.

* Urban Renewal – Upgrading inner-city areas through renovation and redevelopment.

When Urban Decline is present these processes may occur in the diminishing regions: * Urban Decay - Urban decay is the process whereby a previously functioning city, or part of a city, falls into disrepair and decrepitude. * Rural Decline –A large fall in numbers in rural areas, often due to unemployment or resources depleting.

Urban Growth and decline, within an area, is the result of natural increase (the difference between the number of births and deaths) and net migration (the difference between the numbers of persons moving in and out of the area). Significant and/or rapid changes in the size and structure of a...

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