Bann Smoking Near Play Grounds

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Rogerian Assignment

Since this assignment was not posted until today, I've revised the due date of the rough draft to allow you a full week to compose it. The revised due date should still allow you enough time to review your group members' papers.

Rough Draft Due (needs to be in your peer group members' inboxes): March 29

Peer Feedback Due for Peer Feedback Sessions: April 2

Final Draft Due: April 9

Write a four page paper in which you use Rogerian argumentation to address one of the following issues:

Smoking near playgrounds
Requiring parents to require their children to wear helmets
Publicly funded preschools
Charter schools
Online classes in high schools
Online colleges
Teacher salaries
Use of social media by children under 13
Organic foods
Stores selling Christmas items in October
Extreme couponing

You may argue for or against these issues, or you may argue some more nuanced stance. I've tried to include a mix of popular political issues as well as a few social issues that seem to be of interest lately. If you have a topic you'd like to work on, submit it to me for approval. I will not consider Rogerian arguments on abortion, marijuana, gay marriage, the war in Iraq, euthanasia, the death penalty, or changing ages for voting/drinking/driving.

For this assignment, it is especially important that you spend some time brainstorming. You need to understand both your perspective on this issue--that is, make sure you're arguing what you really want to argue--and your opponents' perspective on the issue so that you can appeal to their values and priorities.

This paper may require some light research, much of which could be done on the Internet. For example, if I were writing a paper on extreme couponing, it might help me to know how many viewers the show "Extreme Couponing" has. I might also benefit from predictions or discussions by experts of how the show has affected both consumer behavior and store policies. I might also...
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