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Persuasive Essay for To Kill a Mockingbird

What kind of an essay will you be writing?
This is an argumentative essay in which the writer chooses to defend one side of an issue. While defending your chosen stance, you will also examine different perspectives on the issue by discussing the complications of the issue.

How does this type of essay develop an effective argument?
The writer addresses one or more of the arguments AGAINST his or her position, in addition to supporting his/her position. As a result, an opponent who holds the opposite position will not be able to argue that the writer has not considered the opposition’s point of view. In short, understanding and addressing the opposing position at the beginning of the paper strengthens the writer’s position.

Your essay must do the following:

Develop a clear argument using support from the novel.

Address and/or refute the opposing side of your argument.

Choose from the thesis statements listed below:

a. Despite drawbacks for his own family, Atticus was wise to defend Tom Robinson.

b. While prejudicial behavior gave some residents of Maycomb a sense of comfortable superiority, it actually limited their ability to develop fully as human beings.

c. While Atticus works hard to develop a relationship with his children, in many other ways he fails as a parent.

d. While Atticus may make some mistakes as a parent, overall he is an admirable father.

e. While many characters in To Kill a Mockingbird find their power in cowardly clinging to the beliefs of a group, the novel ultimately illustrates that one individual who acts with integrity possesses greater power.

f. Even though Scout’s narration is often faulty or inaccurate, her innocence often allows readers to see the events and characters in the novel more clearly

g. While the children in the novel value heroism and courage that involves physical strength, the novel ultimately demonstrates that greater courage resides...
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