Urban Design and Urban Planning in Relation to Rlas

Topics: Urban planning, Urban design, Landscape architecture Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: July 2, 2013
URBAN DESIGN (UrD) AND URBAN PLANNING (UrP) IN RELATION TO RLAS. Before even learning the actual meaning of Urban Design and Urban Planning I was really confused of the meaning of the two. Both give an ambiguous meaning that I can hardly differentiate. After reading through the context, I am elated for the clarification I acquired. I now clearly understand how the two work out without even stepping on each other’s dignity. What is more elating is that a registered and licensed architect could become either an Urban Designer or an Urban Planner. Isn’t that a good news? Urban design and urban planning are both process of developing cities, towns and villages. What makes them distinct from each other is the scope of its practice. Urban design focuses on those developments such as group of buildings, streets, public spaces and other factors functioning in an urban area making it sustainable as well as architecturally appealing. As defined in R.A No. 9266, the Architecture Act of 2004, some terminologies are mentioned to fully understand the theory of practice engaged to urban design. But it was stated in R.A No. 9053, the Philippine Landscape Architecture Act of 2000, that a landscape architect also has the credibility on urban design as part of the scope of the practice of the profession. Being a versatile profession, an RLA could also become an urban designer as long as he/she have long been practicing the services whether it is general or specialized and he/she had consistently worked with a registered and licensed landscape architect(RLLA). But to best achieve the profession as an urban designer he/she must pass the licensure exam to become an RLLA. Defining urban planning further, as mentioned in the article, it is the technical and political process with a larger scale of planning concerning with the control of the land use and design of the urban environment as well as ensuring a proper and orderly development of settlements and community as a whole. We can...
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