Chapter 13 Urban Geography

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Chapter Chapter 13 Urban Geography

Where question at 2 scales, why differences occur,& distribution within urban spaces The process which the population of cities grow
LDC: migration of rural residents to the cities in search of jobs in manufacturing/ services. MDC: a consequence of changes in economic structure Delhi, Jakarta, Mexico City, Mumpal, Sao Paulo, and Seoul.

Reversal of historical trend, is not a measure of an improved level of development Lack o agreement among authorities sources on the worlds 10 most populous cities reflects how difficult it is. Social consequences for urban residence, to compete for survival in limited space Has greater freedom in an urban settle than in a rural settlement Have blurred the traditional physical differences

An urban settlement that has been legally incorporated into an independent, self government unit The central city & the surrounding built-up suburbs
Urbanized area, country within a the city, A adjacent countries with a high population It includes extensive land area that is not urban
Smaller urbanized area
A country between 2 central cities may send a large of commuters to jobs in each From Boston to Washington D.C.
Central business district, Zone of transition, Zone of independent workers homes, Zone of better residences, Commuters zone City develops in a series of sectors. Certain areas of the city are more attractive. As a city grows activities expand A complex structure that includes more than one center around which activities revolve Which contain approximate 5,000 residents& correspond where possible to neighborhood and boundaries Compare distributions of characteristics and create an overall picture of where people tend to live They explain why different types of people live in the city Because they want people with similar incomes

European: cluster in 1 sector, don’t live in suburbs, U.S.: live in the suburbs Latin America: located in Mexico& the Andean highlands Africa: cities found...
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