UPS - Making Brown Cool

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UPS: How Brown Got Cool
1) What led UPS to pursue an integrated marketing communications approach? What was the promotional objective as it repositioned itself in the “synchronized commerce” marketspace? UPS wanted to expand and evolve their business offerings and reposition the brand into an integrated service provider. They were previously known as a company that specialized in small package transportation and delivery but over the past 5-7 years they have evolved into a “synchronized commerce” marketspace which includes new services such as package information application, financial transactions etc. In their marketing communications plan their promotional objective was to build a bridge from small packages to all of their new service offerings. Their new services include managing inventories, outsourcing transportation management, as well as printing labels, tracking shipments, and ordering pickups. All of which cater to the unique needs of individual customers and small businesses. 2) Was it logical for UPS to have four different marketing approaches? Explain. Yes I believe it was logical to have four different marketing approaches because of the new range of the brand and the different unique needs of the consumers segments. They divided their target market into distinct segments, and tailored the messaging very specifically to each of the segments unique needs they had identified, while still providing consistent brand identification through the color brown. The first segment is the core shipping decision maker who makes daily shipping decisions for his company. The front office decision maker at service oriented companies, next the Small business decision maker who works from a small or home office. Then there’s the senior level decision maker involved with operations management, and making strategic business decisions, lastly there’s the end consumer. UPS established a franchise network and the re-branded their UPS stores. They also launched their...
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