Upholding Uprightness in Far Eastern University and in the Nation

Topics: Morality, Logic, Political corruption Pages: 5 (1837 words) Published: September 11, 2010

Uprightness…? Uprightness, according to the Merriam- Webster’s dictionary, is something that is marked by strong moral rectitude. A morally upright person is one who has a strong set of personal values. He has high moral principles and he cannot be pressured or persuaded to abandon them. To be morally upright in today’s world can be very challenging with so many immoral things happening around us. In films and television, a morally upright person is usually pictured as boring and unpopular. Sometimes, the character is even portrayed comically with thick eye glasses and a weird sense of fashion. The reality is that media has clouded our perception of what’s in and out and being morally upright is definitely uncool. But sometimes, it is not only the media that has shaped our morality. Our peers also influence us to act in certain ways so that we will feel part of the group. Because of this, our values or those that were taught to us by our parents when we were younger are ignored and taken for granted. We are sometimes pressured to do things that we know are wrong but we still do it anyway, or risk being labeled as “KJ” or killjoy by some people. We tend to lose our common sense in favor of the dangerous and the exciting unmindful of the consequences. Another threat to a morally upright society is poverty. In a developing country like the Philippines, some people will do anything, even cheat or steal, to become rich and successful. It is said that this is common in private schools where there are students who would manage to go to great lengths just to survive financially. While it is true that some of them do succeed, they lack integrity and moral values. These people are still likely to be unhappy even though they are already wealthy and successful. To be morally upright, you don’t need to dress or talk like Betty La Fea. The issue of morality should never be confined to stereotypes. It is more than skin deep. Just because a person looks and acts a certain way doesn’t mean he or she already has high moral principles. Being morally upright means you can decide for yourself and not be pressured by what others think of your decision. It transcends gender, race and even social status. A person of high moral standards does not think of poverty as an excuse for doing something illegal. Instead he sees hardships as a challenge and finds ways to help people who are in need. Is uprightness really on the vocabulary of our dear school and nation? That is the question. According to Far Eastern University’s website, committed to the highest intellectual, moral and cultural standards, the university strives to produce principled and competent graduates. It nurtures a service- oriented and environment- conscious community which seeks to contribute to the advancement of global society. It is just so annoying to see times when the students do the exact opposite of these. Some of them manage to throw different kinds of waste in the grounds even if the trash cans are just nearby. There are so many cases of cutting classes. There are some professors whose absences had become alarming for their students. The services offered by the university, on the other side, are sometimes disappointing. Their responses to the students’ needs are somewhat slow. Some are unwilling to talk and always seem to be in a bad mood. Some does not even take time to respond after all. It is so sad to hear or see people outside the university who cannot afford to believe that FEU is really committed to the highest intellectual, moral and cultural standards. It does not truly show, according to them. On the aspect of our nation in its general sense, on the other hand, uprightness is not that highly practiced after all. The reality is more than 60% of people in the Philippines are not developing with Philippines. Many people are unemployed, poor and dying with...
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