UnMe Jeans

Topics: Click-through rate, Target market, The Target Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: December 6, 2014
Group 4- UnMe Jeans : Case 5
Jonathan Vazquez, Cristina Garcia, Jose Abraham, Nestor Palacios, Alba Prieto

1- Outline which, if any, if any of the 3 media plans UnMe should Pursue.

The company should pursue a media plan consisting of the implementation of Facebook. Currently with 1,310,000,000 members as of 2014, and an 85% growth, the website consists of deep immersion and direct engagement with users in a two-way traffic manner. Its unique functionalities such as wall posts, status updates, likes, fan pages and news feeds are just few of the interactive features the website includes. The target market of UnMe Jeans consists of consumers between the ages of 12-24, which in Facebook it comprises a high percentage of current account holders.

2-How would you evaluate success?

Success can be measured by the implementation of goals, monitoring of metrics, and the adjustment to obtained results. The primary measuring metrics should consist of click-through rates, number of clicks, CPM/ Impressions, and reach. Some secondary measuring metrics that can be implemented are web conversations, page likes, link clicks, number of around holder’s friends, and revenue obtained from sales. CPC (Cost Per Click) should be utilized to maximize reach and frequency among her target market of women. Facebook tends to strategically position CPC ads in areas of the page that will generate more clicks; furthermore, the costs of CPC have been declining over recent years.

3- What are the risks of proceeding?

The risks UnMe Jeans may be facing may be attributable to the high advertising costs and short campaign time the website offers; $350,000 development + $150,000 for a 3 month campaign. Clutter and advertising blindness may result from the content of the page layout and other ad campaigns running at the current moment.
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