Unknown Paper

Topics: Gram staining, Agar plate, Staining Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: December 3, 2013

G-Unknown code
Gram Positive-Micrococcus luteus
Gram Negative- Klebsiella pneumoniae

Unknown Paper
The unknown project was a very good realization of me and my partner going out by our selves. The very first day of the Unknown project I was acquainted with Denise who was very friendly and was very nice as far as assisting me in the project. The first day we were introduced too various different forms of the unknown such as broth, Blood agar plate, MSA plate, MAC plate, and the EMB plate. Before that we had done the 3 phase isolate which we had a possible of 10 points of achieving. In the isolation plate we had too take the sample of our unknown, which was the letter G. After we had done the 3-phase isolation plate we inoculated half of the plate, which was the S/D media. The Plate’s that we had provided too us were the BAP, MSA, MAC, and EMB. When we were successfully inoculated the S/D media the plates were put in the Incubator at approximated 37 degrees Celsius. The second day we had came into the laboratory we had too read the Nutrient Agar plate that was the one that we had too the 3 phase isolation plate. My results were somewhat correct but I had a lot of backtracking. After that we had too read the S/D Media, which we had, too diagram and describe each of the plates that we had put in the incubator. Once they had come out of the Incubator the results that I had achieved was the MSA plate was yellow, stinky, I did have growth, there were a positive match for small colonies, and was shiny. The second one that I had achieved was on the MAC plate. The color on this specific plate was red, it had smelled rotten, there was definitely some growth on the plate the texture was shiny and was not raised. Out of these plates I had somewhat of a indication of what the specimen was since after the gram stain we had done in lab we found out that on the MSA plate we had achieved Gram positive...
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