United Commercial Bank

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1.United Commercial Bank is amongst the largest banks that serve the Asian-American community in the San Francisco region. The main focus is on Chinese community and thus it has 46 branches in California and offices and branch in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. The vision and mission of the bank since its establishment has been time deposits and is spread all over San Francisco and Los Angeles as the largest bank to Asian community. The main focus is on loans of which majority loans are for real estate, multifamily and commercial loans. The prime strategy is to provide saving bank account services liked by the Chinese. Eventually it has high deposits and interest expense is also high. To counteract the premium on bank's performance due to savings the bank has a 58% loan to value ratio in contrast to 80% for the other banks. To win the confidence of customers it charges a very low account fee and serves basically all the American-Chinese involved in business of imports/exports by having diversified policies.

El Banco targets Hispanic population in the Latin Markets. Launched on 2002 as the Flag Bank of Atlanta it offers a wide range of retail financial services, loans etc. To attract Latino customers the bank offers bright colour schemes, parks and all Spanish speaking employees to name a few in contrast to UCB's traditional conservative banking. El Banco does not target commercial customers and focuses on informal banking. Unlike UCB, El Banco charge fee on basic services like cheques for revenue generation accounting to 50% of revenue. It also offers mortgage loans to undocumented clients as most Latin families have low income catered to buying houses of around $ 100000 and charges lesser interest. It mimics Western Union to provide international fund transfers.

2.There are service winners, qualifiers and service losers for both the United Commercial Bank and El Banco. The service winners for United Commercial's winners include community focus based...
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