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Sample Homework: Bank of America Case
1. What are the core business processes1 (high level; major business and financial services) performed at Bank of America as part of its product and service offerings? Core Bank of America Business Process:

Activities within the Core Process
people management
performance management
staff development
benefits administration
financial management
general ledger
accounts payable
accounts receivable
reporting and compliance
cash management
asset management
supply-chain management
customer service management
product development and commercialization
manufacturing flow management/support
physical distribution
performance measurement
warehousing management
sales force management
Setting targets and objectives based on inputs
Assigning actors responsible for achieving objectives
Control processes for ensuring objectives are being achieved within a given time frame/ constrained context (customers and/or markets) System management to handle uncertain environments
product design and development
Idea generation
Idea screening
Concept development and testing
Business analysis
Beta testing and market testing
Technical implementation
New product pricing

2. List the sequential steps required in a typical ATM transaction, such as drawing out cash or transferring funds from one account to another, and briefly explain why each of these steps is necessary. Use a table to organize your response and do not overlook steps in the process that are performed either by the ATM system or by information systems housed within the Bank’s centralized data center. Steps by Customer

Steps by ATM System
Steps by other Banking Systems
Walk up to ATM
Screen displays a welcome message and prompts the user to enter an atm/credit card (and select language) “”
Enters Card, selects language
the screen prompts the user to enter...
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