Atm (Automated Teller Machine)

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ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a computerized telecommunications device that provides the clients (Customers) of a financial institution with access to financial transactions in a public space without the need for a cashier, human clerk or bank teller. All it needs is an ATM software that manages all these transactions in an efficient manner thereby making them more convenient for the customers and the bank authorities. The software gives planned approach to all the accessible sections of the bank. Navigation from main pages to the sub-levels is permitted. It is highly accurate and reliable. As this is only a simulation of the exact software, only Customer Identification Number (CIN) is used instead of ATM cards. Only those who have the CIN & PIN have the authority of carrying out the transactions. The data of the customers is maintained considering CIN as the primary key. Entrance of accurate CIN & PIN ensures successful transactions. The application terminates when the user selects exit rather than an account. Since the ATM does not actually communicate with the bank, it simply loads a list of CINs and PINs from a data file. This data file is maintained externally to this application. This application interacts with the user via a simple Swing GUI (Graphic User Interface).


The project ATM STIMULATOR is beneficial for anyone and everyone who needs cash in a fast and secure way in villages, rural areas or in metro cities. We present a software of the ATM machine for the transactions of money and other related services. The database is maintained for each individual account. This project has been designed as such the ATM using the software. In our project overall several forms have been created. For these forms of records a database is used. This project maintains a database for different records; it means that for the account transactions. These can be categorized into following sets:

Fast Cash
Cash Withdrawal
Mini Statement
Balance Enquiry

These categories have separate entities and their respective attributes. Our project deals with all the above aspects of the database management to maintain the accounts records. We have selected C++ as the platform as it is more interactive with the user. It has an object oriented approach. We have tried to ensure security while accessing user accounts. The program is an executable file and can be run on any Windows OS (operating system).There is no use of an ATM card in this program but the use of customer PIN has been allowed.

The customer is identified using a unique CIN and PIN. As soon as the customer enters his unique CIN, the software asks for the corresponding PIN. If both the entries match with the information stored in the database, the customer is given the authority to carry out transactions related to his account. Immediate data retrieval is easy here, as records are handled under a separate section. Likewise updating of records is also easier. Reports are prepared promptly and accurately as the records of customers are maintained with CIN as the primary key. Also errors in calculations do not occur (because they are performed by computer and have been evaluated using mathematical expressions by us).


1. Planned approach towards working: - The working in the organization will be well planned and organized. The data will be stored properly in data stores, which will help in retrieval of information as well as its storage.
2. Accuracy: - The level of accuracy in the proposed system will be higher. All operation would be done correctly and it ensures that whatever information is coming from the center is accurate.

3. Reliability: - The reliability of the proposed system will be high due to the above stated reasons. The reason for the increased reliability of the system is that now there would be proper storage of information.

4. No Redundancy: - In...

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