Intelligent Transporting System

Topics: Road transport, Congestion pricing, Traffic congestion Pages: 3 (565 words) Published: August 31, 2013
Brief introduction to Intelligent Transportation System, ITS Definition
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applies advanced technologies of electronics, communications, computers, control and sensing and detecting in all kinds of transportation system in order to improve safety, efficiency and service, and traffic situation through transmitting real-time information.

to improve traffic safety
to relieve traffic congestion
to improve transportation efficiency
to reduce air pollution
to increase the energy efficiency
to promote the development of related industries
Generally, ITS is classified into five systems according to their functions as follows. ATMS detects traffic situations, transmits them to control center via communication network, and then develops traffic control strategies by combing all kinds of traffic information. Furthermore, ATMS makes use of facilities to carry out traffic control and transmits the information to drivers and concerned departments, and implements traffic management measures, such as ramp metering, signal control, speed control, incident management, electronic toll collection and high occupancy vehicle control and so on.

2. Advanced Traveler Information System, ATIS
ATIS, with advanced communication t echnology, makes road users can access real time information in the car, at home, in the office or outdoors as the reference of choosing transportation modes, travel trips and routes. The system mainly includes changeable message signs, Highway Advisory Radio (HAR), GPS, the internet connection, telephone, fax, cable television, information Kiosk and mobile etc . 3. Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety System, AVCSS

AVCSS applies advanced technologies in vehicles and roads, and helps drivers control vehicles in order to reduce accidents and improve traffic safety. The AVCSS mainly includes anti-collision warning and control, driving assistance, automatic lateral/longitudinal control,...
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