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Letter of Transmittal 02

Acknowledgement 03

Executive Summary 04

Qualitative Part
Introduction 05
Vision & mission 06 DBBL ATM services 07-09 Objective 10

Scope of the report 11
Limitations of the report 11
Data source 12 Sample Design & selection 13-14 Questionnaire 15-16

Quantitative Information
Data Analysis 15

Letter of Transmittal
January 2, 2009
Dr. Nazrul Islam
Course Instructor
Business Research Methods
Daffodil International University

Subject: Report on “Satisfaction measurement of ATM users of Dutch Bangla Bank”

Honorable Sir,

Recently, we have successfully completed our report on Satisfaction measurement of ATM users of Dutch Bangla Bank .According to your instruction we tried our best to prepare the report as good as possible but as this is the first report on this sector we have prepared, there might be some mistakes and we expect your Kind consideration.

We expect that you will be contented with our work and only then, the objectives of preparing the report will be accomplished. .
Sincerely yours
Afsana Hossain Riva (leader)
ID No. - 061-11-1135
Nasrin Nahar Nupur
ID No. – 061-11-1152
Sharifunnesa Chowdhury
ID No. - 061-11-1171
Romana Malek Bonna


Assignment or report writing is very much useful in every student’s life. It makes a bridge between our educational and practical life. This term paper is designed by some practical data.

At the very beginning we would like to express our gratitude to Almighty Allah for enabling us to prepare this report. We express our deep sense of gratitude to our honorable course instructor Dr. Nazrul Islam sir for his outstanding supervision.

We express our deep gratefulness to the manager of Dutch Bangla Bank, Mirpur Branch for his kind permission to allow us for practical data in “Dutch Bangla Bank”. Our special gratitude goes to those people who showed spontaneous participation while conducting survey for collecting Data.

We are also thankful to all other officers of “Dutch Bangla Bank” for their kind consideration.

Thanks for all from our core of heart.

On behalf of the Group
Afsana Hossain Riva
ID : 061-11-1135
Section : A
Program : BBA
Faculty of Business and Economics

Executive Summary

Providing Banking facilities through ATMs is very popular throughout the world. The availability of cash at the right moment is the highest priority to the customers. Bank can provide banking service for 24 hours through ATM network. People from around the world can avail cash from ATM using international branded debit & credit cards. An ATM can act as a branch of a bank to some extent. A customer can get the following banking services through DBBL ATMs: Client can find DBBL ATMs beside Client's home, office premise, nearby market, kacha bazar, university, college & school premises, Airport, Railway stations etc., throughout the country; All the ATMs accept DBBL-NEXUS or any other Master/VISA card Credit/debit card; Using any of the DBBL ATM pools any where in the country, Client can perform the following; Withdrawing cash; Checking account balance; Funds transfer between current, savings and credit card accounts; Bills/tuition fee payments;...
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