Unit 9 P4

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Unit 9:exploring creative product promotion

P4: explain the reasons behind the choice of media in a successful promotional campaign.

Brandon Baumgart
IBS 1c
Version 3
30 may 2012
Mrs. Daymond

From mouth-to-mouth to TV and Internet.

In 1886 when coca cola started they didn’t had TVs, radios and Internet to tell people they have invented something new. So everything was from mouth-to-mouth, through the flyers, the newspapers or big wall paintings on high buildings. Later they could add the radio in this list.

And that status they still have but how do they do that now a day? They do that most through the TV will al the happy people who drink Coke and with the happy and bright colours and their slogan: OPEN HAPPINESS.

Why one the TV and Internet and not on the radio for example? Because if you hear a commercial on the radio you only HEAR and not see the commercial but on TV you SEE and HEAR the commercial and because of that you want a Coke. The number one reason is that almost everybody has now a day a TV, a computer and a smartphone with internet, so Cola has to go with their time and now they have a general site about all the different kinds of beverage the have, they also have a Coca Cola web shop, a Cola diet site, a Cola goes green site and many more. All these sites are for people want to know more about Coca Cola or buy their stuff.

Coca-Cola uses direct marketing in many ways.
First, the company partners with various restaurants, movie theatres, etc. to carry its product.

Unit 9: exploring creative product promotion
P5: design a promotional campaign for a given product/service to meet the needs of a given campaign/creative brief @ Fair trade Max Havelaar products

Brandon Baumgart
IBS 1c
Version 1
27 January ‘12
Mrs. Daymond

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. Campaign brief

3. Creative brief

4. Budget and time lining

5. Mood board

6. Conclusion


In this task you design a promotional campaign for a given product/service to meet the needs of a given campaign/creative brief @ Fair trade Max Havelaar.

Fairtrade since 1988
Max Havelaar Foundation was founded in 1988 by Nico Roozen and Frans van der Hoff in response to an urgent call of coffee farmers in Mexico. "Aid is good, but a fair price for our coffee is better. Then we don’t need to hold or hand," they argued. With a fair price for coffee beans, small farmers take matters into their own hands.

I hope you will learn as much I will with typing this report.

Campaign brief

Background to the proposed campaign
The Max Havelaar Foundation grants since 1988 in the Netherlands, a hallmark of coffee at a fair price for producers in the market. The initiative was developed in consultation between Mexican coffee farmers and a Dutch aid organization. The organization is further supported by ICCO, an interchurch organization for development.

The initiative was copied: Max Havelaar is now also the name of the only independent fair trade label for foods whose producers in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia by buying a higher price than the world price is paid. On top producers receive a premium as an extra. The name comes from the book Max Havelaar (1860) by Multatuli, which injustice is made of coffee farmers in the former Dutch East Indies. The mark guarantees that organizations of small farmers or plantations in developing countries receive a fair price for their products.

Although the mark, partly because of his name, especially evokes associations with coffee, it is also found in ice cream, tea, chocolate, honey, cocoa, fruit juice, rice, wine, beer, sugar and fruit. Include the make "Oké", under that name bananas, oranges, pineapples and mangoes sold, may Fairtrade / Max Havelaar label. In addition there are other brands such as Ben & Jerry's (ice world 100% fairtrade), Verkade, Swiss Noir (chocolate), Penotti...
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