Unit 8 Health and Safety Legislation

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Personal protective equipment, Environmental health officer Pages: 7 (2644 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Unit 8
1.3 Identify sources of current guidance from planning healthy and safe environments and services. 1.4 Explain how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in own work setting or service.

Legislation/policy| Summary|
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974| This act sets regulations and guidelines for all aspects of health and safety within the work place. The act is split into four parts, part one being the biggest and most in-depth...Part I - Health, Safety and Welfare in connection with Work, and Control of Dangerous Substances and Certain Emissions into the AtmosphereThis part itself is split in numerous sub categories covering general duties of the work place, employers, self employed, employees and manufacturers in upholding a safe working environment.The health and safety commission and executive, the setting up of this, their function and their powers.Health and safety regulations, the approval of codes of practice and the use of these in criminal proceedings.Enforcement of the act by inspectors, notices that can be given and powers of enforcement.This first part also covers obtaining and disclosure of information, special provisions relating to agriculture, provisions as to offences, financial provisions and a miscellaneous and supplementary sub category that cover things such as the service of notices, civil liability and the application to crown and police.Part II – The Employment Medical Advisory ServiceThis part states the functions of, and the responsibilities for maintaining the service, the functions of the authority responsible for maintaining the service, fees and finances and the duty of the responsible authority to keep accounts and provide reports.Part III – Building Regulations, and Amendment of Building (Scotland) Act 1959This part of the act covers approval of plans, power to make building regulations for inner London and amendments made to Building (Scotland) act 1959Part IV – Miscellaneous and GeneralThis part covers amendments to pre existing acts, provisions to interpretations of the act and regulations to be followed to do this and the extent and application of the Act.This is just a general break down of the contents but the basis of this Act is to provide a safe working environment for all.These guidelines are implemented in every aspect of the school, from risk assessments | Health and Safety (young persons) Regulations 1997| These regulations were bought into force to run alongside the health and Safety at Work Act 1974, they provide extra regulations and guide lines to protect children (still of school age) and young persons (not yet reached 18yrs old) within the work place.‘Every employer shall ensure that young persons employed by him are protected at work from any risks to their health or safety which are a consequence of their lack of experience, of absence of awareness of existing or potential risks or the fact that young persons have not yet fully matured.‘ (Health and safety (young persons) regulations 1997)| Fire Precautions (workplace) Regulations 1997| This act sets out regulations and guidelines for fighting, detecting and preventing fires. Setting out emergency procedures, escape routes and emergency exits. It also covers enforcement of the regulations, offences, prohibition and enforcement notices, enforcements orders and rights of appeal.Working within a school setting emergency procedure for a fire should be taken very seriously. All members of staff will be aware of evacuation procedures as will pupils and regular fire drills are run. Every classroom should have directions and clear instructions in case of a fire by the door and directions to the nearest emergency exit.| Care Standards Act 2000| The Care Standards Act 2000 aims to make sure that the care of vulnerable people, in different types of supported housing is properly regulated. That care standards improve and to introduce consistency in the...
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