Unit 5 Paper Cabling Factors And Tools Discussion

Topics: The Wall, Drill, Coaxial cable Pages: 2 (298 words) Published: April 19, 2015
When it comes to network design, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing and installing the right cable for your network. After you have agreed on a standard there are some factors you need to consider. What lies in the path that you have chosen? It might have power lines, air conditioning ducts, lights, fire walls, sharp corners, etc. All of these optical have to be addressed in the proper manner. For instance Fire walls; you can’t just go knock a hole in it and pull some cable threw. You have to have a proper access point installed into the wall so that it will meet the building code for the area that you are working in. Another aspect to consider is in your design having accurate measurements and taking them into consideration with the limitations of the cables distance limitations in mind. And last I would suggest allocating enough time to properly install your installation. Don’t sell yourself short on time. Workmanship is very important; when you finish your project it should be clear and organized. Proper tools are as important as your workmanship. Sometime having the proper tool can make your work go much easier and keep your final outcome better looking. Some of the tools you’ll need are a 110 Punch, RJ45 crimper, Drill bit / Auger with cable eye, screw drivers, pyros, etc... A makeshift tool that you can use is, take a mirror and mount it on the end of a stick, broom stick or whatever you fancy. You can use this to inspect up in drop down ceilings to check for access. When you are searching for cables and other things this can save you a few trips up the ladder and let you know where to setup your ladder.
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