Unit 5 7 arakin 5 course

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Unit 5
Written Test
I. Express in one word: 1) to discuss matters in order to come to an agreement; 2) to go beyond what is allowed or necessary; 3) keeping of law, custom, duty; 4) to prevent smb. from doing smth, to bring to nothing; 5) to persuade a person to do or take smth. by using unfair methods, tricks. II. Give E. equivalents to: 1) взаимодействие человека и машины; 2) глубокие перемены; 3) устранять, исключать, уничтожать; 4) уроки труда; 5) коррективный; заменять учителя; 6) доступ, подход; 7) нововведение; 8) воздействие; 9) записывать лекцию; метод проб и ошибок; 10) пользователь. III. Paraphrase the following:

1.She could never understand him.
2.He fought bravely but the chances were not in his favour. 3.One should read more to extend his knowledge.
4.The whole situation and the way it was solved revealed his best qualities. 5.I don’t believe people when they tell me something flattering. 6.Don’t scold the pupils, they are not to blame.
IV. Translate into E.:
1.Он ничего не хотел предпринимать, т.к. сначала хотел сориентироваться в обстановке. 2.Все восхищались этим замечательным актером. Он творил чудеса на сцене. 3.Вам необходимо расширять свой кругозор! – Легко сказать. 4.Не могу понять Джорджа. Вчера он сорвал на мне зло, а сегодня сделал комплимент.

Unit 5 Keys
I. 1) to negotiate; 2) to exceed; 3) observance; 4) to frustrate; 5) to impose. II. 1) man-machine interaction; 2) deep-going changes; 3) to eliminate; 4) manual training; 5) remedial; 6) to substitute (a) teacher; 7) access; 8) innovation; 9) impact; 10) to take notes of lectures; 11) trial and error method; 12) used. III.

1.to figure smb. out;
2.the chances were doomed to failure;
3.to fight against great odds;
4.to enlarge (widen) one’s scope;
5.to pay somebody a compliment;
6.to take (it) out on smb.
1.He didn’t want to undertake anything, because first of all he wanted to get his bearings. 2.Everyone admired this wonderful actor. He worked magic on the stage. 3.It is necessary that you should enlarge your scope. – It is easier said than done. 4.I can’t figure George out. Yesterday he took it out on me, and today he has paid me a compliment. 5.He was dismissed for the actions officially qualified as exceeding the authority. 6.The top-level meeting was held in London and was a great success. 7.The negotiations are doomed to failure because the negotiating parties can’t come to an agreement. 8.Many banks turned to be involved in this intrigue (scheme). 9.His success at the Institute surpassed (exceeded) all his parents’ expectations.

Unit 6 Written Test
I. Express in one word:
1) The smaller number or part; 2) the place to which a thing or person is going or being sent or which a person wants to reach; 3) putting forth or sending out; 4) to emit a faint or wavering light; 5) a space that is not filled; 6) the greater number or part; 7) essential; 8) necessary to the existence of smth; 9) to seize firmly with the hand; 10) a failure of the mind or of the body to work well, caused by doing too much work or by oversrtained nerves; 11) to read smth hastily, omitting parts. II. Give E. equivalents to:

1) вид с высоты птичьего полета; 2) расположение лагеря; 3) охрана окружающей среды; 4) канатная дорога, подъемник; 5) плавать с аквалангом; 6) кишеть туристами; 7) сливать сточные воды в реки; 8) в стороне от легких дорог; 9) химические отходы. III. Paraphrase the following:

1.People think and feel differently from myself.
2.I always say, do as others do, and you won’t make a mistake. 3.The robbers ran to the wood and disappeared there.
4.You can get up to town in a very short time.
5.There’s nothing for it. You must risk it.
4.Translate into English:
1.Поблизости не было ни одной деревни, до которой было бы легко добраться. 2.Он вздохнул с облегчением, когда вступил, наконец, на палубу корабля. Скоро берега чужой земли пропали из вида. 3.Читая любой...
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