Unit 1 P4 P5
Topics: Human rights, Government, Law, Policy, Protest, Civil disobedience / Pages: 4 (1161 words) / Published: Jan 13th, 2015

P4 Describe, with examples, the impact of government policies on different public services
P5 Identify how society is affected by government policies

In the UK, policies are in place in order to protect us and help enforce diversity and equality. Sometimes they are not always positively impacted on our society and public services; they can be negative as well. In this assignment, I will cover both the impacts of government policies on the public services and how society is affected.
Human Rights
The most commonly known policy that has affected all of the services is the human rights policy. This act was passed in the UK in 1998 which protected us and gave us the right to life, education, liberty and security and freedom of expression.
Whenever these rights are violated, the victim may take the service or person to take and challenge the actions of the violator.
A Police Officer was accused of violating someone rights after hitting a student (Tony Jones) in the face. They violated freedom of assembly and association, freedom of expression and freedom of thought. Just like many cases- This one was also dismissed and the Officer wasn’t charged for the suspected violation.

Equal Opportunities
Very similar to Human Rights- Equal Opportunities also protect us. While this has been around for a while, the equality act was republished in 2010 which terminates any discrimination against “age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation.”
If for example you are applying for the Public Service and you are bisexual then the service cannot refuse your application because of your sexual orientation. If you are a male Sikh and you wanted to join the Force, you are allowed to wear a blue police turban with the badge of your force being displayed. This policy stops people from becoming more ‘important’ than others which allow everyone to be treated fairly and not the same.

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