Unit 3 Cache Level 3 Childcare and Education

Topics: Children Act 1989, The Child, Contact Pages: 9 (3643 words) Published: January 21, 2013
E1.Identify 5 pieces of current legislation and E2. Describe how each legislation will influence working practices in the setting. The Human Rights Act 1998 is broken down into 5 key principles which are; Fairness, Respect, autonomy, dignity and equality. Equality would influence working principles because the children would be treated fairly by having their individual needs met to ensure the same outcome is achieved as the other children. Settings can maintain fairness and respect by having the practitioners in the setting following the same policies and procedures. This would also avoid conflict between staff and would not confuse the children with knowing their expectations. Another way settings can have respect in the setting could be by following parent’s preferences such as their food preferences for their child. My current placement follows parent’s preferences by having meals that are suitable for children without specific food preferences and set meals to meet cultural and health needs. Settings can promote autonomy by encouraging children to build on their life and social skills. This can be done by the setting providing games such as a simple board game where the children have to choose their game piece and where they have to turn take. This would also build on autonomy because it would teach children how to share and how to treat other children or people with a positive attitude. For an example if a child is an only child, they may not know how to share with other children, so playing a game that engages their interest would gradually teach the child how to build on his turn taking skills and how to interact positively with other children. In the setting, dignity can be maintained by removing situations where a child may feel embarrassed or ashamed. If a child wets their selves, the practitioner in the setting should take the child into the bathroom and change them. The practitioners shouldn't draw the other children’s attention to the child who has had an accident. The child would need some comfort and reassurance as this situation is almost always very embarrassing and distressing. The Childcare Act 2006 focuses on adult to child ratios, qualification levels of staff and types of drinks and snacks available for the children and follows the early year’s foundation stage framework. This would influence working practices because it helps to keep the children healthy. This would influence working practices because it helps to keep the children healthy. Settings can follow the Childcare Act 2006 focuses by providing fruit, milk and water at snack time. This can also be done by having playtime outside so that the children would get vitamin D and fresh air. Also the settings would provide meals with nutrition and are aware of dietary and cultural needs. The children act 1989 and 2004 aims to protect children by working in partnership with parents and by the every child matters which have five main principles: Be healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and achieve through learning, achieve economic well-being and make a positive contribution to society. The Enjoy and achieve through learning will influence practice because it allows practitioners to cater for each child’s needs whilst ensuring that the children are enjoying what they are doing or learning. The Equality act 2010 has been simplified from 9 separate acts into 1 act. The main is to end all forms of discrimination. The protected characteristic of disability will help to influence practice as this will help practitioners be able to differentiate activities and to re-create the same experience using other methods or activities.

The health and safety at work legislation is about keeping yourself and others safe. This will influence practice because it will ensure the utmost safety for both the children and staff of the setting. This can be done by having regular risk assessments and by finding a solution to any hazards. For an example, if there is spilt water, a...
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