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Firstly a brief version of the proposed bill is read out in the chamber and then is made available to members of parliament such as the house of lords and the house of commons.

After the first reading is passed the bill is turned into an official document of parliament and then it becomes available for debate by members of parliament. This will usually take place no longer than 2 weeks after the first reading. The second reading begins in parliament with the member representing the bill opening the debate with other members of parliament. There will also be an official representative of the members of parliament opposing the bill, the elected member to represent this side will then give their views on the bill. Then the debate will be open to anyone in parliament to debate or give their views on the bill. After the debate the commons decide whether the bill should be given its second reading by voting if this is done the bill can proceed to the next stage. It is possible for a Bill to have a second reading with no debate - as long as MPs agree to its progress. Once the second reading is complete the bill proceeds to the committee stage where any changes or amendments to the bill are made The bill has now made the committee stage where a detailed examination of the bill takes place. Most bills are dealt with by a public bill committee, if the bill starts in commons the committee is allowed to gain outside help from experts and the public. The best proposals for amendments are chosen by the chairman of the committee and only members of the committee can vote on amendments at this stage. Amendments of the bill proposed by the committee will be printed daily and republished as a marshalled list of amendments for each day the committee discusses the bill. If every clause in the bill is agreed to the bill is moved to the report stage for further examination. This will usually take place within 14 days. Now the bill has made the report stage this gives...
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