Uniform Essay

Topics: Uniform, Trousers, Dress code Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: May 20, 2010
Uniform Essay
Although many people may not agree with me or perhaps call me a loser and a nerd I do believe that uniforms should be made mandatory in school and this is of course for plenty of well supported reasons. First off even if you don’t notice it right away uniforms will help you prepare for the future. Also much money is saved and finally much time is saved and much hassle is avoided. First, one of the main reasons I support uniforms is because they are a greatly underappreciated form of success. Have you ever noticed that most stores that you go to the employees are in uniform? This of course is mandatory and if they fail to dress out they will not be allowed to work or in worse case scenarios be fired. Many students against uniforms might argue that you should be able to show that you are unique but really what do you think is going to happen if you go to your job dressed up in whatever clothes you want even though there is a dress code? Many students don’t notice or perhaps don’t want to believe that uniforms are helpful in anyway but let’s be honest, they are. As previously stated, money is an issue to many people and even if it is not who does not want to save some? With uniforms being mandatory at schools parents only have to go to the uniform store and buy a couple of pairs for their children while if there is no dress code you have to buy expensive clothing and spend time in multiple stores looking for it. Many will argue and say how is having a uniform pairs of clothing and a going out pairs of clothing saving us money and the answer to that is simple, uniforms are cheap and are created with a great deal of resilience which means they will last a very long time and much money will not be spent them. Also in response to the previous argument wearing non uniform clothing to school requires more and more clothes to be bought when something gets “out of style” or outdated and that in the long run is defiantly more expensive. Last but not least, if...
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