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Understanding Diversity

By marcyross Apr 09, 2013 1020 Words
I have always been one who is open to understanding about diversity, however, I have also been guilty of not understanding the differences between some of the races that looked similar, but was very different. Diversity is what makes the world amazing because when you interact with individuals out of your ethnic race by sharing heritage information, it brings us together making us aware and appreciative of each other’s differences, and what makes us unique. We have so much to be thankful for that we take our lives for granted, and instead of being appreciative and receptive to change, we find fault in things we can’t change. Saying you want to make the world a better place, and actually walking the walk is what will guide us to find a resolution.

Slavery has scarred the African American race in a major way. However, we have come from where we were. I am African American and I had no idea that my race is composed of nearly 13% of the Unites States population which makes it the largest racial minority. African Americans have been enduring hard struggles for a very long time, and although there are still a lot of challenges that we are still confronted with, we have made huge progresses towards our future. The past is the past, and must be left there. It is estimated that the growth of the population will increase from 303 million to 438 million in the year 2050. Between 2000 and 2050, census data suggest, the U.S. 15-to-64 age group is expected to grow 42 percent. In contrast, because of falling fertility rates, the number of young and working-age people is expected to decline elsewhere: by 10 percent in China, 25 percent in Europe, 30 percent in South Korea and more than 40 percent in Japan.

The challenges that tend to be faced are that people don’t want to accept change or even consider the benefit that a diverse society will bring to everyone. How can we lead by example and be great role models to our kids, when we are still dealing with the challenges of our own past. There are still issues with discrimination, stereotyping, prejudice and violence because people are afraid of change and unwilling to embrace diversity. It is not normal to place people in a box because of ignorance and lack of understanding. Racism is cruel, and can only be dealt with if we stop thinking our way is the right way, and there is no race better than my own. Ignorance is bliss. What you don’t know, will hurt you. Therefore, I challenge myself to give everyone the utmost respect on a daily basis. I don’t care who you are, are what you are. I love and respect you because you are beautiful, and together we can have unity and live in a world of peace and love. The world will definitely be a better place is we saw one another for the beautiful beings that we are instead of the color of our skin; this is something we have no control of. We can pave the way for a better future for our kids by teaching the importance of respecting everyone regardless to what your personal beliefs about a certain race may be. I think a great way for us to foster a climate of acceptance begins with us realizing that no two people are alike. We must treat everyone with respect because that is the way we want to always be treated by others. Instead of placing judgment on things we don’t understand, we also need to try educating ourselves so that the information we acquire, we can perhaps help the next person who doesn’t understand. We have to practice what we preach; instead of just talking about all the problems, we need to be asking ourselves, what I can do to make a difference. All over the media, African Americans are treated as criminals and being stereotyped as a whole community because of a mistake one person of that race has done. We are being judged because of the type of clothes we wear. An example would be the Trayvon Martin case, though a child was killed, the media still managed to find be prejudice saying the clothes he wore was intimidating. However, the media also helps to foster diversity in a good way as well. There are quite a few television shows whose characters are diverse. This is an important factor that our kids need to witness to help show them that people can live together in harmony. As individuals all of us need to give our own self a reality check, because change does start with each one of us individually. We have to learn to not be quick to judge and instead, we must seek compassion and understanding for things we don’t understand. No two people are the same and we there is so much we can learn from one another if we just take the type to learn. We must be willing to accept diversity, the beauty of the United States coming together as a whole, instead of being divided because of the color of your skin, will be a huge impact towards changing the world. I have learned that I need to be more of a person centered thinker and be more open minded to differences. Things that happened in the past must be left in the past. I realize that what happened in the past will help be create a better future for me. Instead of me assuming, I go that extra mile to ask for clarification. This course has shown me that I have unintentionally been so guilty of passing judgments and being prejudices just because I may not agree with the action of another. Ignorance will only leave you left behind. You never know what purpose a person may have for entering your life. Who are we to judge, and let he who has no sin cast the first stone? *

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