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June 3, 2012


Recruitment, selection and diversity are terms that we in today’s society normally do not go together in the same sentence, let alone in sports organizations. Although recent gains in intercollegiate athletics have been made with regards to diversity, college and conference administration still have to make strides to give minority more chances in attaining upper-level management positions in intercollegiate athletics.

The NCAA has been a long-time proponent in diversity among their 1,200-member colleges and universities, conferences and organizations. With the commitment of NCAA to diversity, the organization has developed initiatives to bring a sharper focus to the ideas of the late Myles Brand by the created of Office of Diversity and Inclusion in 2005. The goal of this department is to advocate for the future without barriers and an atmosphere of common purpose. This department wants to open up dialogue with the national office and members institutions about issues with diversity. The NCAA just wants to develop a culture in which each person is seen as unique and every individuals feels like he or she is viable and valued part of the university, athletics department and intercollegiate athletics.

With that said, intercollegiate athletics lacks behind professional sports in relations to hiring practices for diversity. The grade given to college sports for racial and gender hiring practice by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports (TIDES) at University of Central Florida was a B which is up from a C+ in the 2008 reports (Lapchick, 2011). The report shows areas of promises in the hiring of more African-Americans head football coaches and improves hiring practices for both races and gender in college sports. The 2010 College Racial and Gender Report Card (College RGRC) also show areas of concerns for intercollegiate athletics because of the slight decrease in African-American head basketball coaches since the last report card and also that there only white males in all conference commissioners at the FBS conferences (Lapchick, 2011).

Barriers in Diversifying Athletic Department

The issue with all athletics all over the world that there is unreal under-representation of minorities in leadership positions in college and professional sports. With the fact that approximately 50% of all student athletes in revenue generating sports are minorities, The number of minorities in leadership and coaching position is tragic compared to the number or participating athletes (Carpenter, 2012). Many would believe that College sports are lagging in the recruitment efforts of minority coaches in college sports. Most have to think that college sports are controlled over the past several years by celebrity coaches, power hungry athletic director, and those with commercial interests have affect the hiring practices of colleges and universities (Duderstadt, 2002).

Like most of us know, in today’s society in order to get a job in sports, it’s about whom you know instead of what you know. This has put a barrier up in the hiring practices of hiring minorities in leadership positions because of their white counterparts extensive network of college administrators. The Athletic Directors at many institutions are unwilling to admit there is a problem with recent hiring practices and are unwilling to change the way they hire coaches. This unwillingness to change hiring practices could be a direct result of the possibility of influential white alumni threatens to withdraw financial support with the hiring of black or female coaches in any sport (Duderstadt, 2002).

One of the most difficult barriers to overcome is the lack of education for most minorities. Often times with the small talent pool for minorities...
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