Uncle Sam Should Not Control What We Eat

Topics: Regulation, Nutrition, Restaurant Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Uncle Sam Should Not Control What We Eat
In an Article from, The Oakland Press, Alan Adler discusses the differences between implementing government regulations on fast food organizations and implementing government regulations for smoking in public. Adler believes the government often oversteps it's bounds when it comes to regulation. One example he stated was in San Francisco, there is a proposed city ordinance that would ban toys in Happy Meals unless fruit and vegetables come with the Happy Meal. He also states that proper eating habits should not be ordered by the government, but rather taught by parents. Adler believes if the government wants to improve the health of their citizens, then they should help promote programs that encourage kids to exercise and eat healthy. Adler could not have a better view on government regulating eating habits. I agree with Adler, the government should not be allowed to regulate eating habits because it is an individuals choice and their eating habits do not affect anyone else. Also, government regulation has not been effective in the past.

Adler states, “if an individual wants to eat such food (high-fat, high-calorie), that's his choice and it doesn't affect anyone else.” If you want to eat ten McDoubles from McDonalds, even though they contain about 500 calories, then go ahead. Your choice to eat ten McDoubles does not harm any of the general public. Government regulation to aware a consumer of what they are about to consume is perfectly fine, as long as you do not ban an individual from eating a meal. It is regulated that fast food companies have to post the amount of calories in their food. I have no problem with this regulation because it makes the consumers aware of what they are consuming, but that is where the regulation has to stop. If an individual sees a McDouble is 500 calories and they still want to order it, then that is their right. Regulating smoking in a public place, is a completely different item...
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