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Topics: Wife, Gender, 19th century Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: December 3, 2013

English 3B Period 2
04 February 2013
Life of Women in the 19th Century
Women’s life in New England in the nineteenth century was not easy compared to life now. Women worked all day everyday, as well as men and kids that were old enough. There were many different jobs and duties that were part of a woman’s everyday routine. During these days women were not allowed to vote. Women were not treated equally, and did not have equal rights as men did. Men treated their wife’s as if they were their slaves. A woman did not have the happiest life back then. Children in the nineteenth century did not have a fun childhood. They were forced to go and work with their parents, and if there was a family that could not afford their child they would sell him to another wealthier family. The family who bought the child would then raise them and once they were old enough would have them work for them.

The life of men in the nineteenth century was very harsh. Men as well as women were always working. The difference was that men’s jobs were much harder than the women’s job. Hot or cold, men were out working. Although, too much rain or no rain at all could bring down the job for men. Winter in New England was a slack of period for men. Men’s farm work varied from season to season and sometimes from day to day. Even the higher class men who had much easier jobs such as a lawyer, doctor, and ministers still worked out in the fields as a part time job. In the nineteenth century, men were the only ones who were allowed to vote. Women did not have the right to freedom as men did. Men treated their wives as if they were their slaves. Women in those days were raised to do as the men said. Women would do everything for their husband. If a women was unhappy with a situation there was no way she had a choice to do anything about it. A woman was not allowed to obtain a divorce until 1891. If a woman tried running away the policd would capture her and then return her to the...
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