a history of women in america

Topics: Women's suffrage, Women's rights, History Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: November 18, 2013

The book "A history of women in America" overall I thought was a okay book. I like that the book told about women’s struggle and the situations they endured. Through those struggles they gave us a voice and major goals were accomplished. The women who spoke out and gave all women equal rights really made me feel and have a great pride in being a woman myself with the rights they fought for in present day America.

The most interesting information I read in this book was how women basically did everything from making cleaning supplies to doing men’s jobs and even doing the man’s jobs better. Colonial society did not support the idea of equality between women and men. As the book says "European men brought with them America the tenet that women was man’s inferior". Though women had to ultimately work for everything, this attitude the European men brought with them was cut down due to the way things were in the new world. Women had a small bite of independence as the colonies were working to become developed. Women activities were much the same through the colony. They watched over the house, clean and made their own cleaning supplies such as brooms, soap, polish and starch. They did men’s jobs in the villages, towns and small cities like ran taverns, and they were silversmiths, wheelwrights, teachers, printers and newspaper publishers. This was interesting to me because the colony did not support the equality between men and women but the women were doing the work that men did plus the common work that women were supposed to do.

The material in this book did not relate to my life in any way I feel because I am not in the real world just yet. By saying real world I mean in the work force, I do not feel as though I have been discriminated against just yet because I am a female. This material did not change my perception of history in any way because I already knew from past history classes the struggles women went through. I already have the upmost right...
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