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Ukraine Burning

With everything happening in Ukraine it’s almost hard not to talk about it or look up everyday to see what is the new current news. I came upon a 30 minute documentary by Vice that provided an inside look at the horrific nature of events happening in Kiev. Last month Vice editor and photographer Henry Langston spent time on the front lines with protestors during a period of escalated violence due to a controversial law that criminalized unauthorized protesting. The result of this is the shocking documentary, Ukraine Burning. I will be discussing what I saw, the injustice people have to suffer through and events occurring. Ukraine Burning opens up with seeing the berkut “the riot police” lined up against the protestors on Hrushevskoho Street, Kiev in January 2014. You hear protestors chanting “Glory to the heroes”, while most of them wear masks and shields to protect themselves. They interview a girl named Anna Skrokan, a protestor saying in her opinion the situation in Ukraine is the opposition is not doing anything and that they only say is that they’re ready to fight. Yet she points out where is Klitchko, the leader of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for reform. Klitchko later shows up on the

fronts of Kiev while protestors are mad at him for not doing anything and calling out for “revolution” at him and clearly not getting it.
Volodymyr one of the Automaidan activist talks to Vice and talks about the movement. He points out that the activists, who get hurt and who end up in the hands of the authorities, they take them to their branch where they get beaten up, tortured and their rights completely breached. The documentary brings up to the Euromaidan SOS, a group of volunteers dedicated into tracking down the disappeared. They interview. Solomiia Bobrovska one of the volunteers. She says they have started this initiative on the 30th November the first day on Maidan Square when the students were beaten. There purpose is to help any Maidan activist, who may be in any legal trouble, if they’ve been injured or have been missing. They have more than 200 volunteers and each day 20 guys go to work. When Henry asks protestors what they are simply doing, you know all thy say is “we’re fighting for out freedom, that’s all.” It’s sad to see all these fires in the clip and police go against their own people for only wanting freedom for their country. Most of the time the protestors are simply chanting ‘glory

for Ukraine’ being peaceful and the berkut from their side shot on the protestor’s side and then the fights start.
Protestors, like the Ukraine Agricultural Ministry, have occupied a great deal of government buildings where Vice meets up with Oleksander Danylyul, the leader of Spilna Sprava (Ukrainian opposition group). He states that “their strategy is a strategy of non-violent resistance, occupying state buildings, because now it’s a proxy war between the Ukrainian people the Russian Federation and their puppet regime are there in Ukrainian, so it’s a war of independence. “ Their political leaders whom are suppose to be examples for the country have been doing nothing and aren’t the ones in the street protesting for their freedom. One of the last people Vice interviews and one of my favorites is Andriy Tarsenko, the leading representative of right sector who explains that the Right Sector is a union of various nationwide Ukrainian organizations, different groups of people and volunteers. He states, “ The Right Sector was formed during the first couple of days of the Maidan protest to spread our own nationalistic viewpoint. We’re not as interested in being a part of the Euro integration as much as we are in getting rid of the mafia regime through a

nationwide revolution. We’re protecting people against the berkut, if they think we are extremist, they must think that everybody is extremist, if you look at the photos of the protests there are ten of thousands of people, are...

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